Making Your Facades Beautiful with Exterior Porcelain Cladding

In our last newsletter, we talked about the energy-saving benefits of using a ventilated façade. Today, we’d like to outline just a few of the features of our exterior porcelain cladding panels that can help you explore new options for a unique look for your building projects.

In our project example above, the architect took advantage of our Design Your Porcelain program to create his custom panel color. Whether you choose that route or use one of our wide range of available colors and textures, there are many benefits you’ll find “baked” into all of our porcelain panels.

Let’s look at a few benefits alongside comments from architects using our panel system for a while now.

True Aesthetic Versatility

You can achieve a classic, traditional, modern, decorative, or distinctive looks for your exterior facades with porcelain cladding. And you can even design your own porcelain panel. Our porcelain panels are more durable than a natural stone with greater design flexibility. You get superb technical performance with any look you create, from rich textured woods to shiny metallics, to natural stone and concrete finishes. Your design freedom is here.

It’s usually an external cladding system mechanically fastened or “Just the myriad of different tile colors and textures to choose from. We’re really looking forward to the next opportunity to use more of their different textures and colors on our projects.”

Isaac-Daniel Astrachan, AIA, LEED AP, Principal
Stephen B. Jacobs Group, New York, NY


We rectify your porcelain panels at the factory before they leave the production line. “Rectified” means we grind the panel’s edges after firing, so the size is more precise. Our rectifying process also means no shrinking or expansion of the porcelain panel after you’ve installed it on your building’s exterior facade.

“The system’s flexibility ends up with a clean look that is worthy of a museum. But the material’s scale and patterning can still be consistent with a residential project.”

Eric Robinson, AIA, LEED-AP, Principal & Co-Founder

RODE Architects, Boston, MA


The high density and 0.1% water absorption of our porcelain cladding panels don’t allow dirt or graffiti to stick to them. When you install our porcelain panels in an open-joint cladding system, there is no efflorescence, no drips, or stains. So your cladding is maintenance-free.

You don’t need any protective coatings. And you don’t need any special solvents to clean graffiti. Just use denatured alcohol, and the graffiti easily wipes away.

“The feature I like most about Porcelanosa Facades is the quality of the product. The facade has been installed for six or seven years now, and it still looks outstanding — brand new.”

Cosmin Vrajitoru, President

ARCHEO Design Studio, Chicago, IL

As we said, all these advantages (and more) are available to you in all our porcelain panels.

Until next time, keep growing your garden with beautiful building facades…

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