Take your building facade design to the next level by designing your own unique porcelain cladding material

Let’s just say, after looking through the 300+ porcelain colors and textures in our Stone, Concrete, Metal, Wood, Technic and Decorative Porcelain Series featured in our catalog…

…You still haven’t found the just-right perfect porcelain façade panel. It happens. We get it. After all, we’re designers, too. That’s why we’ve created the “Design Your Porcelain” Program.

Now you – the architect can design your own stone!

You can create a unique, signature porcelain panel no other building or designer has. Giving your client’s building facade an exclusive look you’ll both be proud of. But not necessarily at the higher costs usually associated with “custom.”

First step: Check out the colors and textures we have available in our full-color catalog here. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call at 1.866.FACHADA, and you can learn more about our Design Your Porcelain program today!

Until next time, keep growing your garden with beautiful building facades…

Thank you,
Your Partners in Design at

1) Sign up for our Virtual Online Lunch & Learn CEU presentation.
Sign up here for our presentation called, “Ventilated Façade System for Buildings.”

You’ll earn 1 AIA HSW CEU, and you’ll learn more about when & how to use a ventilated façade, as well as the advantages you’ll get using a ventilated façade over using other cladding systems.


2) Contact us for a free, no-obligation project consultation.

Go here to schedule a no-obligation call. Get to know us and share your vision for your project. If this project isn’t a great fit, we’ll just let each other know. And part as new BFFs looking forward to the next chance to work together.

SIGN UP Or you can always give us a call at 201-712-0556 (x2218)!

3) See if your project is a good fit for our Design Assist service.
Check out our two-page Design Assist Services description here to help understand a bit more about this awesome way we can work together.

The TL;DR version: If your project meets just two simple requirements, our complimentary Design Assist service will help ensure your façade design’s success, while saving your design team time, money, and headaches.

Check it out today!

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