Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Manhattan

  • Architect: DSM Design Group
  • Building: Hospitality; New Construction; High-Rise
  • Year Constructed: 2018
  • Porcelain Cladding Used: 62,000 SF
  • Colors: Town White & Town Niquel

Here’s a link to see more images and details about this fantastic example of a coordinated effort throughout design & construction to create a stunning building for the client and the city.

And, you don’t have to take our word for it… Here’s what the architect had to say about this project’s challenges, choosing exterior porcelain cladding, and working with our team:

“For this project, our main concern was the durability of the entire façade system — the support system and the cladding itself — to serve as a long-term façade finish for the high-rise building.

Also, this project is in New York City, which has a lot of regulations. And we were finding many of cladding products or other systems at the time, who hadn’t been tested to meet the codes. This was a big concern as well.

We were in the early stage of finalizing the façade concept. We had a design in mind, and we were looking for a product to achieve it. Before working with Porcelanosa Facades, I reviewed several different porcelain facade systems. But none of the other companies provided the full façade system I was looking for.

When I was finally introduced to Porcelanosa, I was upfront with them in the beginning. I requested what I needed to be comfortable using their system: their testing, their warranties, and all the technical items. And they provided all this immediately. From there, I knew this was the cladding system and team I wanted to work with.
Throughout the design process, they developed all the technical details and ideal panel sizes. And they helped us achieve a panel layout that most effectively reduced the waste. They were very helpful during the design to achieve the construction time and cost. This was a big concern for the client during design.

Having them involved in the design process — it helps a lot. And not only on the design side. It also helped us in the construction phase. Everyone throughout the construction and shop drawing process were happy with the product…

…The system itself has really proven their quality. We just finished construction, and the project team is pleased with the results. We’re getting many compliments from everyone seeing the system installed. I’ve enjoyed the experience working with them, and I’m already planning to work with them on a couple of future projects…

…This was my first rainscreen system to design. This project has been a successful experience and I’m looking forward to future projects with them.”

Ehab Elsherif, Senior Associate

(formerly with DSM Design Group, now with Fischer + Makooi Architects, New York, NY)

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